Mat Work Pilates

After your personal assessment you can join one of the many matwork classes at Pilates Body Studio.

Matwork classes are not only fun, they are designed to help you improve flexibility and strength. Small equipment such as bands, toning circles and balls are used in matwork class to help you achieve better movement patterns and provide you with more awareness of your body - and of course to challenge you!

Pilates Body Studios

Studio 1 can hold classes of up to 12 people, and Studio 2 offers a more intimate setting with classes of up to 6, so there really is something for all.

Instructors cater to each individual, offering alternatives if required so there is never a reason to feel worried about your ability. Our instructors will look after you in terms of correction, motivation and fun!

All group matwork classes run in blocks of 6 week courses throughout the year.

Group Mat Pilates Classes are recommended for those clients who do not have any serious injuries and for those who like to enjoy the social interaction as the learn .The mat classes run in half termly blocks between six to eight weeks a block., they are scheduled at the same time each week . The classes are grouped accordingly to ability to ensure that you get the safest and most effective workout for your body. A maximum of 12 clients in each class so that I can get round everyone and give hands on correction and advice when required.

Beginner Mat Classes - For clients who are new to Pilates or for those clients who have not practiced Pilates for a while. The classes will focus on learning the fundamentals of the Pilates Technique, including Breathing, Neutral Spine, Centring and Alignment.

Improves Level - is a class for those clients who have grasped good basic Technique and want to be challenged with tougher exercises. Working on stamina and core strength we work with small equipment to assist in the challenge

Intermediate Level - more challenging, working with Flow and Dynamic moments to help develop greater strength and control giving body a more stretched and lengthened feeling.
Modifications will be given where necessary

Advanced Level - a tough workout for clients with a great understanding of their body. A class designed for physically fit clients with no injuries. Suitable for elite athletes who want to find a challenging class that works to balance the body overall, and work on individual weaknesses while being pushed physically.

With all the levels we work with small equipment such as soft balls, weights, clini-bands, balance pads and Stability rollers. This helps keep each class unique and challenging.

Please call to book your place.