Having trained as a ballet dancer at The Hammond Ballet School in Chester and then further study in Contemporary dance at the London Contemporary School of Dance in London, it was there I was first introduced to Pilates. It changed my body and gave me a totally new lengthened shape  and I felt so much stronger and  control in my own  classes  I knew then I would gain more knowledge one day  and hoped to train further .

 I then danced for several years professionally, all over the world, before concentrating my thoughts into teaching.

 Gained my ballet teaching qualifications right through to the highest level .My students have always had conditioning classes within their training. They have found it so valuable in their own classes it has not only given them more insight into their own bodies, but also developed their strength but most of all allowed them to be injury free. 

I have always enjoyed teaching conditioning to my ballet students and it was back in 2006 I decided to take a Pilates training course with Suzanne Scott in Castle Cary to develop my knowledge further. After  a long intensive year I qualified as a Pilates Foundation Mat  teacher and  then  developed my own business ,The Core Pilates Studio,  alongside my ballet teaching at Bojangles in Lichfield. Have managed to build a good rapport with my clients, many of whom I have taught for 8 years.

I have also had the opportunity of working alongside Physiotherapists and Chiropractors within the Birmingham and Staffordshire area, who refer clients to continue their rehab work both in a 1-2-1 situation and within a class.


I love the challenge of working with clients getting to know their own issues and needs. I never teach in a regimented set way, every class designed to encourage confidence and to challenge each and every client. I give a very personal class and try hard to get to know the challenges of my clients. It is so wonderful to see the improvement in each clients body over time, and to see them achieve their goal and the confidence in walking tall and feeling strong and controlled.