Here are just a few of the many great comments made by clients of the Core Pilates Studio...

I've been coming to Core Pilates classes for just over two years and thought I would drop you a note to thank you for improving my quality of life. When I first started I was recovering from a prolapsed disk and honestly felt that I wouldn't get full spinal mobility back, it was that bad! After a few weeks of attending your classes I began to feel more supple and had more confidence in my backs ability to support me, pain free. In fact, should I have a break from your classes, the difference it markedly noticable. However, after 2 or 3 sessions, I get back to full mobility again and have no restrictions on what I'm able to do. I really feel that without your help I would not be able to carry out the every day tasks without experiencing the pain I had before. Thank you! 
- Christine McLeod
Stephanie is the best Pilates instructor , I have been to. I just love going to her classes, you get individual attention and every week you do something different so it's never boring I really feel like I've had a good work out and go off with a wonderful sense of well being .
- Linda Gibbens
This is the best Pilates class I have experienced. Stephanie tailors the class to the needs of the individual in a warm , friendly manner. There is no set routine that is followed each week , which helps keep the challenge and interest going . The exercises are easy to follow as Stephanie explains , demonstrates and gives us personal feedback - something that cannot be done in a larger class.
- Nicola Evans
I left my first Pilates class feeling six inches taller on my walk back home I was a lot more aware of my body .That was over twelve months ago and I still feel the same after each class. Stephanie manages to be aware of the needs of each individual within the group , correcting posture and adapting the exercise as appropriate . She is an inspiring teacher. I take two classes a week and if time and budget allowed I'd be there every day. That's how good it makes me feel .
- Joan Russon
Since starting Pilates with Stephanie , on the advice of my Chiropractor ,the problems I had with my shoulders and lower back have improved considerably . My posture has improved and I always have a good sense of well being . Thank you
- Stephanie Amanda
Following a skiing accident in 2006 which resulted in me being paralysed from the waist down I have been looking for a form of exercise that develops core body strength and helps to keep me supple and flexible. I wish I had discovered Pilates earlier. For the last year it have had weekly 1-2-1 sessions with Steph and the difference it has made to my wellbeing is fantastic. I have continuously improved my core strength, reduced stress headaches and generally felt much better. I would recommend Pilates to anybody who has a busy lifestyle.
- Andrew Gibson